Our work with organizations has taught us that every organization is uniquely shaped by its history, culture, mission, values, lore, leadership, and, ultimately, its people. Every organization has a pulse.
EOS partners with organizations around the world to consult, assess, design, develop, deliver, reinforce, and sustain learning & coaching solutions, fueled by our passion and vision for "Inspiring people as a driver of growth"

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Business Coaching Professional

After living in 5 countries and working in International business, I decided to become Business coach and business performance trainer. 

My vocation is coaching and I had the privilege to work with people from all over the world. I helped them to move forward in their lives and careers and achieve some great things.
I work one-to-one and in groups with individuals, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs.

The purpose is to help clients to gain clarity, align their passions and strengths, learn new skills, create a plan to get the results they want, and live inspired and balanced lives.


Influence as a driver for growth


There has never been a more challenging time for business leaders at all levels. Do your management and leadership teams have the training, expertise, tools, and vision to drive strategy, achieve results, create engagement, and deliver value to customers and shareholders?

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Become your client's trusted advisor


Your salesforce is your most powerful source of competitive advantage, offering customer value your competitors can't match. With EOS unique approach to sales development, every member of your sales team acquires the competence and confidence to be both a trusted advisor to the customer and a strategist who consistently wins profitable deals for your organization.

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Guidance & Inspiration


Coaching enables individual leaders or teams to develop their skills, increase their effectiveness and maximize their potential. Through a series of structured sessions, coaches aim to increase awareness in their clients and provide fresh insight that can be put into immediate action.

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“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau



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